The Oasis Senior Center Board of Directors announces new changes to its existing bylaws and governance structure. In a meeting on January 17, 2019, the Senior Citizens of Logan County, Inc. Board of Directors approved the new by-laws.   

The By-Laws and Policies Committee has been working reviewing the changes since February of 2018.    Most specifically, the changes and movement has been reducing the number of board members from twenty-one (21) to fifteen (15).  The twenty-one board members was created to ensure three members were on each standing committee.   The board felt that each committee will have at least 1-2 board members that will act as the liaison to the board, however, to ensure member input, the board is hopeful that general members of the Oasis will want to join committees to bring their expertise and knowledge to The Oasis. 

Forthcoming will be a list of standing committees. (Committee functions will be posted on this website, once approved.)   Please reach out to Nancy Cunningham, Executive Director, or the Chair of the Committee if you have interest in serving.