The Oasis Board of Directors meeting are open to the public. 

The meetings are scheduled for the 3rd Thursday of each month at 5:00 p.m. 

Notification must be received in writing on or before the 5th day of the month

prior to the meeting date to schedule any agenda items.

Executive Committee

Mary Beth Jackson


Committee: All


Rhonda Thorton

Vice President 

Committee: Program Development

Bio: After retiring from the State, I found myself sitting at home a lot. I started going to bingo on Tuesday nights and was asked to help out with bingo. After volunteering for bingo, I started doing other volunteering. It gave my life meaning and purpose. I also love to travel with my kids, grandkids, and friends. And just like living  simple life and helping others. 

Larry Howen


Committee: Finance Chair and Building & Grounds 

Bio: Larry has been on the board since 2014.  Serving on the Board of Directors has allowed him to give back the skills and knowledge he learned through is working career.

Elaine Knight


Committees: By-Laws & Policies

Bio: The Oasis is a wonderful resource for the seniors of Logan County.  You can work out in the fitness room, meet friends for a cup of coffee,  a game of cards, or relax with a good book in the comfortable fireplace nook. You can find veteran's assistance, Medicare help, and a variety of activities from painting to dancing to book discussion, it's a great place for volunteering! Come on out!

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Board Members

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Ken R.jpg

Christine Banks

Committee: Personnel Chair and Program Development

Bio: Christine Banks is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Illinois State University.  Christine is the Administrator at Mason City Area Nursing Home, with 25 years of experience in the Long Term Care setting.  Christine is an active member of Mason City Rotary acting as club president for 2019-20 and holding Rotary district positions as former Interact-Rotaract Club District Chair.   Christine currently resides in Lincoln, IL. 

Paul Boatman

Committee: Personnel and Program Development

Bio:  Professor Emeritus of Pastoral Care and Counseling and former Dean of Lincoln Christian University, Oversees Pastoral Consulting Service of Lincoln.  Paul also leads our Alzheimer support group.

Becky Bruns

Committee: Ways & Means


Donna Buse

Committee: Ways & Means

Bio: When I was asked to become a member of the board of directors for the Oasis Senior Center, my thoughts were, why me? Donna Buse, lifelong resident of Lincoln. well I guess it was because I knew a lot of people and I had always worked with the "public" in several positions. My past experience was an insurance clerk at the local hospital, among other jobs. I then became an agent billing clerk and later secretary of the Human Resources Department at Economy Fire and Casualty Company. And last but not least, I was the administrative Assistant at Fricke - Calvert Schrader Funeral Home, where I met a lot of people who required my undivided attention and lots of sympathy. I think you can consider me as well versed on just about anything. Why did I want to become a member of the board at the Oasis? I was retired and had lots of time to do anything, but the real reasons were: to participate and be active in something I thought I would really enjoy, I wanted to be supportive of their activities and fundraisers successful so the center could continue providing many programs and services to the general public of Logan County and Lincoln. most of all I wanted to learn more about the operations and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and help make decisions for all the programs, services offered, and financial decisions. basically I just wanted to get involved with something I think provides a good center for the people in the area and learn more about the Oasis Senior Center. 

Amy Bulter

Committee: Finance and Chair of Building & Grounds

Bio: I have lived in Logan County for 23 years and have raised my children here and call it home. I am a full time realtor for Werth &  Associates, in Lincoln. My husband Doug and I have been married for 26 years and have 2 adult children. I was unaware of all the services offered by the Oasis. As I am not quite in the "senior" category yet I guess I am considered one of the youngest of the group. However, I have been amazed at the programs here am committees to create a great senior place for the future. 

Marilyn Montgomery

Committee: By-Laws & Policies


Judy Parsons

Committee: Ways & Means

Bio: I work Part time at LCHS. I started out there full time in 1995. I retired in 2010, but hated being retired. I returned in 2012 as a part timer. I've been a member of the oasis for several years. I help with Bingo on Tuesday night once a month and currently serve on Ways and Means. The Oasis is a great place to meet people and make new friends. 

Ken Richert

Committee: By-Laws & Polices, and Building & Grounds


Laura Sandrolini

Committee: Ways & Means

Bio: I was raised by parents who believed in the importance of community service.  I have done volunteer work in every community I have lived in. Many years ago a lot of my retired friends began volunteering at and participating in activities at the Oasis.  I would volunteer with them when I could.  It was fun and rewarding.  As I age, the importance of senior services increases for me and for people I love.  The Oasis offers so many activities for seniors to remain healthy, vital participants in the Lincoln community.  When I was offered the opportunity to be on the Board of Directors, I was honored.  I am grateful to be a part of this fine Lincoln organization.

Dortha Seeley

Committee: Ways & Means

Bio: I am a retired RN who continues to provide in home care to seniors. I just started coming to the Oasis to exercise and found out how many services were offered to seniors. From there I started volunteering for the bingo program at the State Fair. I am now in charge of the bingo program on Tuesday nights. I am also one of the nurses who do blood pressure checks on Friday mornings. I try to volunteer as many fundraisers as I can here at the Oasis because I want the facility to stay a important part of the community.  

Kay Thompson

Committee: Program Dev/ Finance